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-OFFICIAL BlazeLoader Thread-

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-OFFICIAL BlazeLoader Thread-

Postby SeamusFD » Wed Apr 16, 2014 2:20 am

Blaze loader is an open source Mod loader and API designed for mods that need to make deep changes to Minecraft's default behaviors. It can load mods from archives or the minecraft jar, and there are no special files needed! Just add the mod's class files and BL will detect which ones are main classes! BlazeLoader is also very lightweight, and does not require ANY jar modifications!

BlazeLoader is fully open source. Sources can be found (and contributed to!) on the GitHub repo. Currently BL is being developed against Minecraft 1.7.2 client. Technical information can be found in the repo.

Demo 2 now available for MC 1.6.4! It can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire...cxu/ Install instructions and a sample mod are included! Make sure to type /bl to see BL features and /te to see the sample mod! Known bugs: Formatted chat messages include strange characters, username and session ID are stripped at launch.

GitHub Repo:
API JavaDocs (usually outdated): http://acomputerdog....Docs/index.html
Sample Mod 1:
Sample Mod 2:

There is also an IRC Channel: #BlazeLoader

Want to contribute to BlazeLoader? Post suggestions on the subreddit, or contribute code to the repo! Testing is also greatly appreciated!

Currently all planned features/API are tentative and some may be dropped if they turn out to be too difficult to effectively implement.

No JAR modding needed
Ties into crash reports
Load mods automatically, with no jar modding needed
Forge compatible
Access to normally hard to reach parts of code
Handle events by simply overriding methods
Static API classes
Package of mod utility classes
Set and get Block IDs without having a world instance
Override existing blocks
Register new entities
Register crafting and furnace recipes
Inter-mod compatibility API
Planned API:
Change entity render behavior
GUI methods (open GUI, close GUI, get open GUI, etc.)
Edit mob drops
Edit mob AIs
Override standard world tick behavior
Automatic mod config handling
World load / create / unload hooks
Player spawn hook
Biome / dimension API
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